Do you really want to give the taxman £408,900?

It’s a lot of money, isn’t it? But, even before the current economic crisis, that’s how much someone earning £30,000 a year would have paid in taxes over their lifetime. While if you are lucky enough to earn more than £30,000, your lifetime tax bills will probably have been even higher.
Of course we all have to pay our fair share of taxes. But there’s no reason why you should pay more than your fair share of that tax burden, is there?

Unfortunately, paying more than their fair share is precisely what many people do… often without even realising it. So, because we don’t want you to be one of them, we’ve made available for you a free gift, a copy of TaxAbility – our easy-to-use tax-busting checklist.

The Taxability checklist reveals:

71 powerful ideas to shave many pounds - perhaps even many thousands of pounds - off your tax bills.

Even if you can only shave 5% off your tax bills, as a £30,000 a year earner that would equate to an extra £20,445 in cash to spend and enjoy during your lifetime.

Specifically designed to help you start to identify where and how to make these sorts of savings.

Has been designed to take less than 25 minutes to complete. It could be the most profitable 25 minutes you’ll spend this year.


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