CIS300 Returns

CIS300 Returns

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is an HMRC-administered system that seeks to ensure contractors in the construction industry pay their subcontractors on time, appropriately account for taxes, and adhere to other financial regulations. It applies mainly to companies that work on construction projects such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and building – both commercial and domestic.

CIS300 Requirements

If you pay sub-contractors within the construction sector then you must register as a contractor within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). This can apply whether you are a sole trader in partnership or own a limited company.

Filing requirements are very strict and penalties readily issued for failure to comply, so let us take this stress away from you, from £25 per month our CIS contractor service will allow you to benefit from:

  • Verification of subcontractors to determine which of 3 possible payment statuses apply.
  • Submission of monthly CIS300 returns to HMRC by the due dates thereby avoiding penalties at £100 a time.
  • Provision of sub-contractor CIS deduction statements for each pay period which can then be sent to the worker.
  • Details of payments due to HMRC or applying set of against CIS suffered.
  • Your fixed investment is fully inclusive of unlimited telephone support in relation to matters in relation to engaging sub-contractors.

This means that you can call us at any time knowing that you will never be charged for our time or advice. Only if the issues raised require research or analysis beyond the consultation then an additional fee may be applicable…, and even then we will give you a fixed price quotation for that extra work before any additional work is started.

We Are CIS300 Experts

Using High Clarity Accountants for your CIS300 returns is a great choice as they have years of experience with the Construction Industry Scheme and its regulations. They can provide expert advice on how to arrange payments to subcontractors, properly account for taxes, and adhere to other financial regulations. Additionally, they can help you save time by taking care of all the necessary paperwork involved in filing your returns quickly and accurately. Ultimately, their services will ensure that your business remains compliant with HMRC’s standards.

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