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Small businesses

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Chas S. Roopra

Chas S Roopra helps small business owners generate profits & freedom they desire using a simple 7 step process.

As well as filing your taxes, we believe accountants are in the perfect position to be able to help small business owners in more of an advisory capacity. An area where most small business owners miss out, as the costs of hiring external consultants are too high.

Easiest way to describe this is by thinking of your business as a machine. A machine we help you get running smootly by ensureing all the right cogs are in the right places. This allows our clients a short cut to more profits, cashflow and time to enjoy whatever they got into business in the first place for.

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John Gard
John Gard
Total Office Team
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"Items put in place could put £50k on our revenue! Im just so Greatful for their time and effort to help me do that. Just another level...!"
M. Asif Patel B.Sc (Hons)
M. Asif Patel B.Sc (Hons)
MapTec Limited
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I have a clear roadmap to the strategies and processes I need to put in place, has just opened up a so many possibilities I would never have thought of.
Small businesses

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We work with you to address 7 simple stages in your business:


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